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Drug Finpecia 1 mg for hair loss: Commonly Asked Questions

Finpecia 1 mg, one of two approved prescription drugs by the FDA to treat hair loss is FDA approved. Finpecia 1 mg was originally used to treat prostate enlargement in older men.

In January 1998, Finpecia 1mg per day was approved by the FDA for the treatment and prevention of hair loss in men. There are side effects and limitations to any prescription drug.

This FAQ page will give you a general understanding of Finpecia 1mg’s effects on hair loss. You can also decide to consult your doctor about a prescription.

What exactly is Finpecia 1mg?

Finpecia 1 mg – ( is a non-addictive, oral medication for hair loss. It was manufactured by Merck & Co. Inc. as Finpecia1mg. Each tablet is coate with 1 mg Finpecia. It can be take with or without food. Take it with a glass water.

Who’s Finpecia 1mg meant for?

Only for men! This drug should only be use by men.

To avoid causing abnormalities in the sex organs of male babies, pregnant women and women who may be pregnant should not touch broken tablets of Finpecia 1mg.

Finpecia 1mg may be beneficial for men who experience hair loss in the crown or mid-scalp. There is currently no evidence so that Finpecia 1mg is effective in reducing hair loss around the temples or at the crown of the head.

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When can I expect to see the results?

You can take 1 tablet each day, it doesn’t matter if you increase the dose. Results are usually seen in 3 to 6 months.

Can I continue to take Finpecia 1mg?

Continued use of this drug is recommend if you wish to keep the benefits. You may lose hair after stopping taking the drug.

What are the results I can expect?

Individual results will vary. Finpecia 1mg can slow down hair loss and increase the visibility of scalp hairs. However, you won’t be able grow back every hair so that you lose by using this drug.

Clinical studies reveal so that 88% of the men who grew their hair over two years either kept it or grew it more. One-third of the 1,553 test participants lost their hair.

Finpecia 1mg: How does it work?

DHT levels in the scalp and blood drop significantly when the medication is take. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is one of the main culprits in causing hair loss. Finpecia 1mg stops the conversion of testosterone from male hormone to DHT.

What side effects can Finpecia 1mg cause?

About 3.8% of men who participated in clinical trials suffer from some type of sexual dysfunction. The side effects are rare and disappear within weeks of stopping the medication, as the percentage shows.

Before the user notices an improvement in hair growth, side effects are obvious. It is important to remember so that the medication does not cause hair loss.

The information above shows so that Finpecia 1mg must be consider carefully before you make a decision to treat hair loss.

Pros And Cons

There is a slight risk of sexual dysfunction. The medication must be continue indefinitely in order to maintain hair growth.

Positively, this medication may make a difference in hair loss and increase the chance of regrowth.

Talk to your doctor about whether you are a good candidate.

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