Importance of Lifeguard training and swimming for weight loss

Lifeguard recertification

Let’s talk together through the Deep Dive website about the importance of Lifeguard recertification and swimming for weight loss and its benefits, and we will also talk about a small overview of our center, the Deep Dive Center for teaching swimming and diving in Istanbul, with a group of the most important sports activities that we offer to the trainees.

Swimming sport

It is one of the most important water sports, as swimming is the second most popular sport in the United States of America, and it is also distinguished as one of the most important sports suitable for the elderly because it does not affect the joints, and it has many benefits on heart health, increased physical fitness, slimming and muscle strength, and there are many Types of swimming:

  • Free swimming
  • breaststroke
  • Backstroke and more

The importance of Lifeguard and swimming for weight loss

Swimming and diving instructors say that swimming requires a great effort to push the water, as swimming for only one hour a day burns between 300 to 400 calories, and of course that depends on the type of swimming that the trainee follows in addition to other factors, which are:

The time a person spends while swimming, as the longer the time, the greater the burning rate and weight loss.

Body weight

Swimming intensity and distance increase.

The type of swimming and its efficiency also plays an important role

It is worth noting that the faster and longer swimming distances, the more fat burning increases, and the freestyle stroke is the best for fat burning and slimming. Our trainers also advise all our trainees to diversify swimming patterns to exercise the various muscles of the body to contribute to building a wonderful body structure Get the required physique.

Recent studies and research conducted at the American Medical Center have also proven the benefits of swimming for weight loss and weight loss, so we see many women and men also resorting to it as one of the means of weight loss, not to mention the pleasure that you can get once you go to the water, whether it is swimming pool water or the sea. .

Benefits of swimming for weight loss

Among the benefits of swimming for weight loss that you can get:

Increasing the metabolism or raising the level of metabolism, which represents the rate of burning calories in the body.
Tighten sagging skin, especially for women who have been exposed to pregnancy and childbirth
Improve blood circulation in the body and contribute to maintaining blood sugar
Swimming reduces the accumulation of harmful cholesterol in the blood to protect the body from common diseases such as stroke.
It works to increase the muscle mass of men and women as well, which contributes to reducing fat deposits on them.
In addition to the benefits of swimming for weight loss, we can also mention the benefits of diving for weight loss , as diving helps to burn more calories due to the great pressure that the body needs to enter the depth of the water.

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Swimming and Lifeguard courses for weight loss

We at Deep Dive provide you with a group of trainers specialized in training all types of swimmers and levels of diving in the water, such as:

  • Beginner level – Bronze Dolphin
  • Intermediate Level 2 – Silver Dolphin
  • Intermediate level, first degree – golden dolphin
  • Advanced level second degree – Diamond Dolphin
  • Advanced Level First Degree – Dolphin Platinum

The benefits of Lifeguard training and swimming for the body

Swimming has many other important benefits. In addition to the importance of swimming for weight loss, we have a number of important benefits for the body, namely:

  • It helps maintain cardiovascular health, thus reducing the risk of many heart diseases.
  • It works to provide the body with the necessary energy and vitality.
  • Helps regulate blood pressure and control blood sugar levels.
  • It helps improve respiratory health by increasing stamina and the ability to breathe better and is very important for asthma patients.
  • It helps relieve symptoms in people with multiple sclerosis.

Swimming reduces common psychological symptoms such as anxiety, stress, or depression and improves overall mood

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