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Either its advanced professional education or university education, both of them is somehow linked with some level of nervousness along with stress, especially when it comes to a common fear i.e. examinations. While experiencing some kind of anxiety, nervousness can badly affect the overall performance too. This can further lead to memory loss, lower levels of concentration and it can also prevent a student from depicting his or her knowledge that they might have learned so far too. Anxiety can be low or high and it depends on the student how he or she is facing it.

Low anxiety is when a student feel little bit nervous when examinations are approaching. They are still somehow able to study too but are a bit nervous as well. Whereas, in high anxiety, students are immediately anxious and nervous when they came across any test or exam. It’s sometimes so bad that they might boycott that exam too.

There are various techniques to lower down the academic pressure and anxiety. If a student is facing high anxiety, then he or she might take some possible steps to lower it down for instance changing the examination spot or even by relaxing and taking a break for a while. Some other basic tips are:

  1. Improving the exam environment: by improving the overall exam environment one can easily feel relax and this is the best method to have good relaxation.
  2. Brief exam providers as well as supervisors: supervisors can make the exam environment relaxing and even tensed too. It depends on their behavior and attitude. Therefore it is important to look at all the areas to ensure that proper working is done.
  • Try to give extra time or even breaks: by giving breaks one feel relaxed an all the work can be done in a very smooth manner. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take breaks for optimal outcomes.
  1. Allowing the students to have someone important with them: if you are nervous and wants to take someone really special with you, you can take and this will help you in relaxing too.
  2. Using and applying online video guides: online video guides can help in getting an idea how to give exams and how to be relaxed.
  3. Promoting flexibility: flexibility eventually helps in making overall exam environment smooth and no one will feel nervous too.
  • Considering any alternative assessments: if you are unable to give an assessment, there must be an option of giving alternative assessments to give your some kind of relaxation too.
  • Considering to go for the open book exams and it helps in lowering down the exam anxiety and nervousness. Open book exams lower down the level of anxiety and stress and it helps students too. Reading and searching are two important techniques with which overall guide and tour can be enhanced. Furthermore, it is also important to ensure that every student will get an equal chance to express himself or herself.
  1. Offering the exam taking preparation trials and methods: exam preparation trials are now available online and without any hassle you can get an idea what is important and what is not. This is the best possible method with the help of which you can get basic knowledge and a student will also not feel overburdened too.

These above mentioned steps can eventually help you in reducing the exam anxiety and it is also important to see all the possible methods with which they can live a tension free life too. Exams are now considered as the new normal and examining bodies therefore need to intervene to help and guide their students. Proper guidance is required to lower down the academic pressure and anxiety and to give them a space that is tension free too.

Exam fever is thus not new and only those students feel this pressure who are not prepared but want good grades too.

Break this chain and step forward. Don’t feel nervous and lower down the academic pressure by giving yourself a break. This is important and by this one can easily make him or her life free from tensions and anxiety too.

Proper counselling and healing therapies can help in finding out the actual issue and relevant strategies can be applied as well. This is the best possible method with which a person will automatically feel relaxed and no further issues can be raised. Moreover, this is also important to know why a student is facing issues and why he is under the academic pressure. This is the only element that can ruin one life and this is the reason why proper working is required.

Flexibility, counselling and proper management is needed to ensure that every single person is getting proper attention and if he or she face academic pressure then how it can be overcome as it can ruin the overall academic arena of a students too.

Academic pressure and anxiety are two major elements with which anyone can feel disturb.

Don’t come under academic pressure and just make your life tension free. Life is short, enjoy it and lesson the academic pressure by adding in some free time with lots of relaxation as well. This is the best way that can make your life free from stress and anxiety and you will feel relaxed as well. Leave academic pressure behind and take this step for a better future too.

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