The Changes You Will See In Your Body If You Start Lifeguard training and swimming

It burns a lot of calories, exercises all the muscles of the body, does not injure the joints and contributes to the overall health of the body.

Summer is an opportunity to take advantage of the sea and reap the benefits of Lifeguard recertification near me, while you can continue it in winter .

See what changes you can expect in your body if you choose it.

He exercises it altogether

If you want to be in shape and exercise your whole body properly, swimming is the best way to achieve it.

It activates all the muscles of the body without burdening the joints.

Swimming works your core, hips, arms, shoulders and glutes at the same time.

This is how you give your body muscle strengthening and tightening.

You can choose between freestyle, butterfly or backstroke.

Freestyle trains the muscles of the back, chest, lats and lateral abdominals more.

The butterfly focuses more on the chest, shoulders and rectus abdominis, while the push-up particularly works the quadriceps and biceps.

In addition to swimming, there are also simple exercises you can do in the water that also provide strength, toning and fat burning, such as simple bounces with bent or stretched legs or walking and running against the water.

Fights joint pains

Compared to other aerobic sports, swimming has the advantage that it does not stress the skeleton at all.

The secret lies in the buoyancy of the water, which pushes the body upwards.

Thus the body weight is noticeably reduced.

This means that water is the ideal place to combat muscle stiffness and joint pain.

It helps to reduce his weight

Swimming combines aerobic exercise and muscle strengthening.

At whatever pace you swim, you’re sure to burn a lot of calories.

The reason this happens is that water is about 800 times denser than air and creates resistance.

But since swimming is an endurance exercise, it’s a good idea to alternate swimming styles regularly.

This works out the muscles better, since the body gets used to a certain exercise rate for a long time.

The changes in movements train different muscle fibers each time.

It contributes to the good functioning of the heart and lungs

Due to intense physical exercise, more oxygen-rich blood is transported to the rest of the body.

It reduces stress

Another positive of swimming is that it helps the body and mind to relax.

Repetitive movements, contact with the liquid element and concentration on breathing relieve anxiety.


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