The Secret World of Viber monitoring: What You Need to Know

viber monitoring

Social media apps and we humans are connected and dependent like chains. We can’t even think of a day without these social media apps. Viber is a very famous and easy-to-use social media app. You can send messages, pictures, and videos using this app. One of the popular features is Viber Game which allows its users to play games directly in the app. It is a unique feature to add new people and make new friends. But the addiction to anything is dangerous. Technology is great only if we use it wisely. If the user is simply adding unknown people just to increase numbers, then it can be an alarming situation.

These modern technologies are also an open hub for people to bully kids and even grownups. Workplace politics and illegal data sharing are some of the problems that have been raised because of the excessive use of instant messenger chat apps like Viber. These people use technology to scam the innocent public.

The simple and easy way out is to use monitoring app technology. Viber monitoring is a simple way to keep a check on all the Viber activities of the target. The target can be your employee or your kid. OgyMogy monitoring app offers excellent monitoring features useful for Viber monitoring of any type.

The Hidden Chat Option:

Users can hide specific chats from the main chat list. This feature, on the one hand, can be very beneficial but, on the other and is too risky, especially if the kids are involved. See, this hiding option adds an extra layer of privacy o the chat. Minor must be monitored, and so are their chats.OgyMogy Viber monitoring technology makes it very easy for the user to keep a check on the kid’s Viber activities. You can know if the kid is hiding any special chat from you and what it is all about.

Deal with Community Chats like a Pro:

Viber users can enjoy freedom as they can join any community chat based on their interest in the topic. This is no doubt the best way to connect with like-minded people without any jurisdiction of location or boundaries. Again seems like a good feature, but if misused can bring drastic results. Make sure your employees have not joined any community groups that are against the laws or policies of the organization. All you need to do is install the app on the company-owned device of the employees, and it will report the Viber activities in detail. It is the best way to monitor the office community groups on Viber.

Do You Know About Viber Out?

Viber is an amazing app, as it even allows low-cost calls to landlines or mobile phones. The best thing is that even recipients who do not have Viber can still receive the call through the Viber out feature. Make sure your child does not misuse the feature in any way possible.

Permanent Solution for Disappearing Messages:

Like any other instant messenger chat app Viber also offer self-destructing message option. It makes the chat disappear within seconds, depending on the settings. Keep an eye on the disappeared messages of the kids or even employees by using the Viber monitoring technology offered by OgyMogy employee monitoring app. Recovering a deleted chat history is nothing difficult for the app.

Integration with Other Apps Option:

It can be integrated with other apps, making it easy for users to share media files directly through the conversation. The feature no doubt is beneficial but can also be misused. For example, the integration with Youtube can make it easy for users to share any kind of content or video link with each other. Get Viber monitoring technology and ensure no one is doing anything illegal behind your back, be it your kids or employees.

Public Account Monitoring:

Like all other social media monitoring platforms, Viber also offers a verified account option. With the help of the Viber monitoring app, organizations can monitor the artist or employees and keep an eye on the official account activities remotely.

Viber no doubt comes with many unique features that, if positively used, can make this digital world great. But unfortunately, nothing is ideal, which also applies to the digital world. Get used to Viber monitoring technology and know about the Viber activities of the target secretly with OgyMogy.

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