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It is difficult to live a stress-free life. You can activate your relaxation response and calm your nervous system by breathing awareness, relaxation techniques, thought control and other tools. Although this can be difficult, it is a good time to prioritize your priorities. Your body will signal you to adjust your schedule to ensure your baby’s health and safety. Do not be afraid to ask your family and friends for help with child care or chores, or to treat yourself to a hired professional and healthy take-out food.

The following abdominal breathing exercises can be used before you go to bed at night and while waiting.

  1. Breathe slowly and gently through your mouth, while relaxing any muscular tension.

  2. Slowly inhale through your nose for a count 4. Think of a pump that expands your abdomen and lower back to reach your pelvic floor. Inhale slowly. Allow your ribs to expand, and then inhale the air towards your collarbone.

  3. Slowly exhale through your mouth for a count 4. Inhale slowly and exhale easily. Repeat the process in the exact order that you inhaled. Try to relax and let go with each exhalation.

  4. This cycle should be repeated 8 times, or for at least a few seconds. Play with counting, using 3 to 6 counts. Keep the exhale and inhale counts the same.

  5. Next, extend or double your exhale. Exhale at a rate of 6 psi. If you inhale at a count 3 or 4, and exhale at a count 6. This cycle can be repeated for several minutes.

These natural tranquilizers are great if used often. Be mindful of your breathing and allow it to relax. Next, notice what you’re currently seeing, hearing and tasting. This allows you to be present, and it is incredibly relaxing. You can do this by sitting straight up, but not too comfortable, and keeping your gaze closed. Or, you could focus your gaze on a distant object, such as the floor or wall, that isn’t moving. This is meditation with the added benefit of breathingwork.

Box breathing is another great technique for breathing that can help you relax your nervous system and disengage from thoughts. It can be done anywhere, including when you are traveling, waiting in lines, washing, bathing or going to the toilet. This exercise adds a timed pause to each inhalation.

  1. You can set a timer to run for between 5-10 minutes.

  2. For a count of 3, inhale deeply as high as possible.

  3. For a count of 6, relax and do not tension.

  4. Inhale until you reach 6 and then relax more.

  5. For a count of 3, hold the tension off.

  6. Repeat until your timer chimes. This may be a favorite hobby that you’ll want to continue doing for a long time.

Forced exhalation is another breathing exercise you can try.

  1. Try taking a normal, deep breath and then using your intercostal muscles to squeeze as much air as you can.

  2. Next, let the breath naturally and deeply come in, but not automatically.

  3. Continue the cycle for several more minutes.

These techniques are easy to use, safe, and have no side effects.

Avoid people and things that can agitate you and increase your internal tension. Instead surround yourself with calm, centered people, sounds, places, and things that will inspire, relax, and restore your inner peace and serenity. You can make a conscious effort towards increasing your feelings of love, forgiveness, gratitude, joy, optimism, healing, and letting go anger, resentment and envy. You must also be conscious of any anxiety-provoking or tension-causing thoughts patterns. This will help you to change your mental state and stop them.

You can change how you react to life events to improve your health. You can either accept, or completely surrender to, unpleasant life events. Or you can see them as a wake up call that offers you the chance for personal growth and redirection.

Try to be present in the moment and not let your mind wander into the past or future. This blog has more information on natural remedies and resources for stress. It is important to not only express your troubles to someone who is sympathetic, but also to learn the skills to self-mastery and empowerment.

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