Some excellent features of the i5R EOS EDC Flashlight

Some excellent features of the i5R EOS EDC Flashlight

I understand; you probably don’t think of it as a brand-new light either. When I first saw it, I felt that way. I was wrong, though. Despite being a brand-new torch, it resembles the Olight i5T EOS and the i3T EOS quite a bit. The two most obvious differences between the two i5 versions are the increased output and prolonged low-power lifetime, however there are a few other minor changes as well. A 2.4V battery is utilized, the rubber switch boot is now a bit more “grippy,” the clip is now a different color, the tail cap is knurled, and other changes have been made.

Stability of the construction and ease of disassembly

Picking up this lamp gave me the impression that I had previously written about it. The Olight i5T EOS is the only product I have tested, however. Check out the brass i5T EOS and the aluminum i5T EOS that I manufactured to see that I’ve really done it twice. In the end, there isn’t much of a difference between the i5R and i5T in terms of build quality or anything else. The i5R varies from other models in that it uses a 2.4V lithium-ion battery.

The i5R EOS EDC flashlight cannot be tail-stand without help, same as the i5T EOS because to the protruding switch. The manufacturer of an LED may frequently be determined by looking at it via a flashlight’s reflector. But with the i5R EOS, I’m at a loss because I have no idea what kind of LED it is. No obvious indicators, such bond wires or a distinguishable LED base design, are present. The color of the beam is rather near to the spectrum’s neutral middle. Although Olight frequently uses cold white emitters to maximize output, the i5R categorically does not have one of these emitters.

Comparable and indicative measurements

The Olight i5R EOS Plum flashlight has a 95.40mm length and a 17.80mm width. It weighs sixty grams. If the headstand flashlight works, I’ll show you how it works here (typically the third picture). I’ll also show off the flashlight’s tail-standing capabilities here, if it has one (often the fourth shot).

For easy carrying, a two-way friction fit clip is included. The gold color of this one blends very well with the rest of the building. Even though I generally don’t like two-way video, this isn’t the worst example I’ve seen. There isn’t much of it, which is remarkable given the prevalence of these two approaches is one of my major complaints.

Possibility and effectiveness

The included cell and how it powers the Olight i5R EOS Plum flashlight were previously covered in depth. This is not a 14500 lithium-ion battery, despite the name. They might work, but we don’t support or advocate for them (i.e., they might damage your electronics or they might be fine; the decision is yours whether you want to take the chance.)

But there’s still something else about this cell that really annoys me. Being 2.4V, it cannot be charged in conventional bay chargers. You’ll need a USB-C cable to power it. It’s still annoying to be constrained in this way, even if the majority of USB-C connectors and power sources should work and the majority of us probably already have a couple of each on hand.

Usability and Functionality

One button is all that the Olight i5R EOS Plum flashlight has. A motorized tail with a rubber cover that is rather smug about itself is present. Its great quality in terms of touch is instantly apparent.

It seems to have hard outside surfaces and a soft, stippled internal contact point, which is a strange paradox. The action is silky smooth, and the stippled center bit and solid borders make it comfortable in the hand. The action is great throughout. The language is incredibly clicky and simple to comprehend.

A Short Overview

A great daily carry flashlight is the Olight i5R EOS Plum. I like that it features a dual-chemistry architecture and a lithium-ion compatible battery. I don’t get why you would choose to utilize a specialized 2.4V lithium-ion battery over a typical 14500 cell, however. However, I can attest that plum looks much better in person if that’s your thing. We also get positive lighting outcomes.

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