The Complete Guide to Insulin Jet Injectors

The Complete Guide to Insulin Jet Injectors

Insulin jet injectors may enable people with diabetes to give insulin without the need of a needle. However, as specialists at humalog have seen, many customers avoid them since these little devices may be expensive and challenging to use.

How Does It Work,

In insulin jet injectors, either a compressed spring or a compressed gas cartridge generates the pressure required to force the insulin through the pen and into your skin. There are more compressed springs used. They are reasonably priced, small, sturdy, and light.

Compressed gas cartridges often include nitrogen or carbon dioxide. Despite the fact that they are more costly, heavier, and more often in need of repair, they may exert more pressure than compressed springs.

How Much Do They Cost?

Insulin jet injectors cost more than other methods of administering insulin, such as insulin needles or pens. You also need to buy new injector nozzles and insulin adapters. Sadly, many insurance companies don’t cover the price of insulin jet injectors.

How Will You Use It?

You load the pen by adding insulin to the insulin adapter. Once the device is loaded, you adjust the gauge to your appropriate insulin dosage. Then, you push the device against your skin, often in a region with a lot of fatty tissue.

When the button is pushed, a high-pressure stream of insulin is squeezed through a tiny hole at the end of the disposable injector nozzle. The epidermis of your skin is penetrated by the vapour that insulin converts into. It penetrates your lowest layers of skin before entering your bloodstream.

What Are the Benefits Associated?

Despite having advantages, using an insulin jet injector may be discouraged by a variety of issues. Of course, many who are uncomfortable with needles may find the lack of a needle to be a huge benefit.

Another advantage is that insulin enters the circulation more quickly. An insulin jet injector allows the insulin to travel across a larger area in the dermal layer of your skin as compared to a normal needle.

As a consequence, compared to a needle injection, the insulin reaches your system more swiftly. As a result, those who use an insulin jet injector properly may not need as much insulin.

Final thoughts

Despite being available for some time, the insulin jet injector has never really taken off. This is likely due to its high cost and complex construction. However, if you have a strong phobia of needles, this device can be a great option for you.

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